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Seufzer aus der Tonkabine

Multichannel Sound Performance.


In this acousmatic Wunderkammer of sound, we wander through bucolic landscapes, lost places, and after-hours sets. In the crackle of a record you hear a soft whisper trying to arouse you to buy a new tablet, the speaker whimpers in unison. A faceless face in between the wires. Bit phantom. All these moments will be lost in time, like.... - Granular synthetic raindrops, they pelt me.
CUT TO: An immortal Marlboro cowboy strolls through the Waste Lands of Caucasia. He inhales the smog of his cigarette©, holding it with thumb and index finger, thinking of Strawberry Fields. Vapor Noise.

This might not be the first time for you to hear something, but maybe to listen.


Frithjof Gawenda, Chiara Marcassa, Nathalie Schatz, Josephine Stamer und Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow


  • Performance
  • Final Piece (Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow)



21. & 22.07.21, Alte Kupferschmiede Gießen