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SIE LEIDEN LIEBER STUMM (Femme*Festival Gießen)

How does it feel? 
How does it feel to live in a body that is mainly defined by others? 
How does it feel when you realize there is no possibility at all to sneak through the narrow columns of the cage built by the patriarchal societies’ beliefs? 
How does it sound? How does it look like?




Concept, music, camera and postproduction: Sara Trawöger
Video, light, camera and postproduction: Merthe Wulf
Choreografie, performance, camera and postproduction: Sharon Jamila Hutchinson
Stage and costume: Lisa Horvath
Vocals and performance: Kristin Gerwien
Drums and performance: Magdalena Gasser aka Sticky Lenz
Mixing: Frithjof Gawenda
Mastering: Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow
Production support: Amélie Haller
Companion: nikolas Stäudte


  • Performance
  • Festival
  • Installation
  • Dance
  • Concert
  • Film
  • Music-Performance-Film
  • Installation



  • September, 4, FEMME* Festival Gießen, Prototyp