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When does time pass by extremely slowly? When extremely quickly? Although it always passes the same way – one hour, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds – not a single day goes by at the same pace as the one before it. After being able to show the media project - consisting of a performance, a short movie and an installation - within various international festivals over the last two years, we are happy to announce that after four more film festivals this year, our short movie is going to be exhibited within the Sidewalk Gallery at the Fountain Street Gallery in Bosten, USA! It was created and executed by Michelle Koprow and Laura-Marie Preßmar, who just founded the collective Koprow&Preßmar, in cooperation with Davida Brown.

Koprow&Preßmar (Michelle Koprow and Laura-Marie Preßmar) in collaboration with Davida Brown

  • short movie



26. Sep. 2021 - 09. Okt. 2021, Boston, MA, USA