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  • Installative Tanzperformance - digitale und interaktive Webversion
  • Premiere
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100 Advertisements

100 Advertisements is an ongoing project where I create advertisements for imaginary products or services that might “improve my life” (and yours!), during the coronavirus pandemic. The project started in March 2020, when Germany entered its first lockdown. Some advertisements are wishes for a better world; others are unfunny jokes from the darkest part of my soul! Together, they are my corona-diary, a personal documentation of these times from the perspective of an international student in Germany.

A cooperation of Eng Kai Er with MA Choreography and Performance, within the frame of Hessian Theatre Academy

  • Performance
  • Abschlussstück


19.02.2021, Bühnchen3000, Theaterlabor, Gießen

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Abrupt Music Podcast (I Am a Strange Loop / Black Rhino Music Radio Bucharest)

"I Am a Strange Loop" is an online radio show curated and presented by Monica Vlad for Black Rhino Music, a radio station based in Bucharest, happening twice a month. Sara Trawöger aka Abrupt got invited to do a 1 hour mix containing her own produced music on the 14th of September.

Check the link for further information and to listen to previous artists:


  • Radio play / Audio work



  • 14.09.21, 5pm, Black Rhino Music, Radio Bucharest


(c) Merthe Wulf

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Always Hardcore

Director/Performance: Niels Wehr
Dramaturgy: Ricarda Hillermann
Outside-Eye: Marie Meyer
Light/Tech: Frithjof Gawenda
Camera: Eva Kirsch, Roman Kuskowski, Ricarda Hillermann, Marie Meyer
CGI: Roman Kuskowski


  • Performance
  • Final piece



20. - 21.04., Mousonturm Instagram Account Only:


(c) Ricarda Hillermann

(c) Niels Wehr

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LOSE COMBO feat. Sonar Quartett After having to be postponed twice, the materials of LOSE COMBO’s most recent work has been stowed into digital containers. Some of which are now accessible on the web: as ATLAS' WIRBEL | CONTAINER. In April, the Reinbeckhallen in Oberschöneweide became a performative laboratory for LOSE COMBO’s cartographic experiment. Together with Sonar Quartett countless mythological, literary, etymological, anatomical and geographical entanglements of Atlas were explored. In their lectures, Claudia Splitt and Florian Feigl tell of remote volcanic islands and rare birds, of Greek gods, ancient historians and postmodern encyclopedias, referring to anecdotes and geographical descriptions. While the musicians of Sonar Quartett navigate through Jörg Laue's cartographic composition STRICH, based on the first Portolan map, the so-called Carta Pisana. The CONTAINER version of ATLAS’ WIRBEL invites its audience to browse through 9 to 17 minute sequences of materials and remixes that accentuate different aspects of the work. Insights to scores and text materials, video excerpts and tape recordings, as well as stagings of concerts and text performances. Instead of (or rather: bridging the gap to) a life performance, ATLAS' WIRBEL | CONTAINER will be unveiled on June 14th, 2021.

concept/space/text/sound/video Jörg Laue | performance Claudia Splitt / Florian Feigl | Sonar Quartett Susanne Zapf (Violin), Wojciech Garbowski (Violin), Nikolaus Schlierf (Viola), Konstantin Manaev (Cello),technical supervision/lighting Fabian Bleisch |audio engineering Mattef Kuhlmey | video- and programming Florian Fischer | artistic support Johanna Ackva / Nina DeLudemann |production mgmt M.i.C.A. – Movement In Contemporary Art, Raisa Kröger / Katharina Meyer | PR Fellow Publishing - Johannes Fellmann |graphic design Carmen Klaucke Container: camera Maximilian Hilsamer | editing Jörg Laue |sound Mattef Kuhlmey / Jörg Laue | webdesign Christopher Martin A LOSE COMBO production, in cooperation with Sonar Quartett, funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and initiative neue musik berlin e.V., in cooperation with Stiftung Reinbeckhallen

  • A Performative Cartographie’s Provisional Archive
  • Premiere
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ask me twice

The Ensemble S201 and artist Kanade Hamawaki are going to present a film "frag mich 2 mal"(ask me twice) and bring art and new music out of their closed contexts: critical discussions with everyday life collide with balloon performances and screeching woodwinds. The question of the relationship between one's own and other worlds is posed and encouraged to speculate about life and death.

Kanade Hamawaki, Ensemble S201


Sunday, January 31 1pm


  • Film
  • Premiere


Frag mich 2 mal
(c) Kanade Hamawaki
Frag mich 2 mal
(c) Kanade Hamawaki
Frag mich 2 mal
(c) Kanade Hamawaki
Frag mich 2 mal
(c) Kanade Hamawaki

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Aus dem Innenleben eines Staubsaugerbeutels

Dust: work or aesthetics? Dust is everywhere, autonomous – as gray dust mice or in smallest particles – it floats through our lives. As the color of all colors, it reveals itself to be a medium, material or disturbance – and fills vacuum cleaner bag after vacuum cleaner bag.

äöü take a closer look at the "Black Box" brand and dissect this dirty, grey and small-scale archive of our everyday lives. A search for the beauty of dust, for form and content, life and death, wage labor and gender, magic and engineering.

Dust: an operetta, a vacuum cleaner concert, explosions of light.


  • Performance


Konzept & Performance: äöü (Patricia Bechtold / Johannes Karl)
Bühne & Kostüm & Performance: Eunsung Yang
Spezialeffekte & Performance: Carlos Franke
Dramaturgie: Franziska Schneeberger
Mentorat: Frauke Meyer, Bernhard Siebert



  • Sep 01, 2021, 7pm, Hauptsache Frei#7 | Hamburger Sprechwerk
(c) Ingo Solms
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Body Boom Boom Brain (Vol. II) - no one escapes p*b*rt*y

During the Corona pandemic, something strange is happening in a theatre somewhere in Germany: the empty auditorium is hitting puberty. In their short thriller “Body Boom Boom Brain”, PINSKER+BERNHARDT invite (indeed!) everyone over the age of 12 to explore fucking p*b*rt*y as the ultimate brain-body-killer of all human conditions. The theatre becomes a physical laboratory, in which growing pimples and pubic hair take over, while the staff tries to get to the bottom of this absurd spectacle. Digitaler Mousonturm 


Body Boom Boom Brain // PINSKER+BERNHARDT
Konzept, künstlerische Leitung: Janna Pinsker und Wicki Bernhardt
Performance: Wicki Bernhardt, Frithjof Gawenda, Johannes Karl
Bühne und Objekte: Arnita Jaunsubrēna
Kostüme: Martha Pinsker
Musik: Jan Preißler
Sound: Max Smirzitz
Kamera: Cornelius Schaper
Schnitt: Janna Pinsker und Wicki Bernhardt
Künstlerische Mitarbeit/ Assistenz: Maria Werner
Produktionsleitung: Lisa Gehring
Licht: Matthias Rieker
Ton: Ingo Müller


  • Film 
  • Premiere



01.04. - 15.04. Digitaler Mousonturm

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Boys* in Sync - Dodging

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail Yes, I would If I only could I surely would. Jakob, Jay and Simon gehen als Boys* in Sync der Frage des Ausweichens (Dodging) nach. // Jakob, Jay and Simon are researching on the phenomenon of "dodging".
Jay Tebogo Fiskerstrand, Jakob Schnack Krog, Simon David Zeller


  • Performance


Gefördert durch die Hessische Kulturstiftung im Rahmen des Förderprogramms "Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen".


Theatermaschine 2021

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BüchnerLand Festival

( July 3, 9, 9, 10, 12, 14)

Project cooperation with the BüchnerBühne Riedstadt with the scenic project on Georg Büchner under the direction of Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund.

  • July 3, 7.00 p.m. – Revolution – eine schöne Idee (Büchner-Performance) by & mit Judith Bethke, Hannah Helbig und Mathis Kießling
  • July 9, 7.00 p.m. – Die Stimme die man Stille heisst … (Audio-Installation) by Luka Modu, Julian Wolf, Lisa Birkenbach, Eva Grund
  • July 9, 8.15 p.m. – Wie klingt Büchner? (Audio-Performance) by Sophie Löbermann, Kathleen Schulken, Lara-Marie Weine
  • July 10, 3.00 p.m. – Körpergrenzen … (Live-Performance)
  • July 12, 7.00 p.m. – Eiscafé Venezia (Musical) by Emma Hütt and Tina Emy Muffler
  • July 14, 7.00 p.m. – Büchner & die Freiheit (Gespräch) with Thomas Freitag & Gerald Siegmund
The live performance are all taking place at BüchnerBühne, so please consider how you can get there before planning your trips!
There are also three things happening online:
  • Der Hessische Landbote 2021 / Die Nase
And there’s an audio walk to do:
  • Audiowalk Unter den Linden: Büchner findet statt – Stadt findet Büchner 

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Cotton flowers exist / Baumwoll blumen gibt es

The choreographic piece Cotton flowers exist brings into dialogue the actual with the virtual and connects the materiality of the world with the capacity to imagine and create non existing landscapes. More precisely it is an attempt to explore what connects the practice of drawing, choreographing and walking. It brings into conversation three different forms of writing in three different scales: the writing on the surface of a notebook by drawing, on the floor of a stage by choreographing/dancing and what it is written on bodies while walking/strolling outdoors. My intention is to bring into light these highly idiosyncratic inner landscapes that have been inscribed into drawings and translate them into artificial landscapes/room installations. Using my drawings as scores I tried to translate the two dimensional images into moving images. The relation of the body to the cotton was the main agency that made possible the embodiment of the drawings. In the choreographic work Cotton Flowers exist, cotton is used as a material whose aesthetic value becomes the experience of the performance. But actually cotton is a symbol with economic and social connotations. It is a material that signals class and race. It is a symbol of struggle. Therefore,bringing into the performance the social, economic and political context of the cotton production in order to avoid the hyper – aesthetization of cotton was an imperative ethical responsibility. In October 2020, I visited northern Greece where the cultivation of cotton is very common and together with the film maker Artemis Anastasiadou, we interviewed and filmed the cotton producers of the neighbourhood I grew up. The focus of this research was to give voice to the cotton producers of three different generations reflecting on the socio – economic and political conditions of their micro society.


Concept, Choreography, Space: Maria Tsitroudi
Performance: Kai Er Eng, Maria Tsitroudi
Sound: Vincent Viala
Light/Video: Simon Lenzen
Photographic exhibition & Drawings: Maria Tsitroudi

Supported by HTA and the city of Frankfurt


  • Performance


17.10.21, Frankfurt LAB, 18.00
cotton flowers.jpg
Picture: Talisa Frenschkowski
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Dancer in the Dark

„In the dark times of neoliberalism and rising neofascism – what else is there left (to dance)?“

„Dancer In The Dark“ is a second performance of trilogy „swan song dances“, first part „TEKHNE“ premiered at „Baltoscandal“ festival 2020. „Dancer In the Dark“ is a performance which weaves together text and dance and storytellingdance&dancestorytelling. Its a performance series which oscillates between deeply personal, mythical and political. If the banal and the daily can no longer (where they ever?) be left outside of the rehearsel stage (maybe now more than ever?) – choreographer askes herself what is she willing to „stage“ at these troubling times. Is she even willing to „stage“ anything anymore? Lets see.
Or maybe not.


Idea, Choreography, text: Sveta Grigorjeva
Dramaturg: Kerli Ever
Composer: Martin Kirsiste
Light: Thomas Rösener
Scenography: Johanne Schröder


  • Performance, Radio play / Audio work, Dance
  • Premiere
  • Final piece



4.07.2021, Georg-Büchner-Saal


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Daydreaming the Archive

The guests are taken through an affective cartography of the city, woven between a lost and a regained sense of orientation: from someone’s narrative of childhood memories of war in Bosnia in a Frankfurt doll clinic to the conjuring of someone else’s Buenos Aires through opera singing in the streets of Bornheim, from redoing, at Frankfurt’s main cemetery, the steps walked many times in different latitudes to soundscapes that speak of lost, failed or awaited photographs from family and city archives.


Daydreaming the Archive is an (im)possible collaboration of a group of artists and post_migrants, who fail to meet as one group because of the pandemic and working conditions. Walking through the city they inquire into daydreaming as place-making in an urban space, how dislocated memories yield other ways of inhabiting the city, and how post_migrants become travelers in their own city.

It's possible to start at either Bornheim U Höhenstraße (only at 15:00) or at Hauptfriedhof (at 15:00 and 16:00).

Duration: Approx. 2h30

It's pay as you wish but reservation is required as places are limited: 

Project initiator: Diana De Fex
Co-Choreographers and facilitators: Olga Popova, Felipe dos Santos, Barbara Galego, Diana De Fex
Participants co-creators: Khabeer Singh, Debo Seabra, Dajana Kubat, Sol Crespo, Walter Castillo, and Bergie (pronounced ber-hy)
Dramaturgy research phase: Alice Nogueira
Dramaturgy production phase: Maria Tsitroudi
Mediator: Robert Klement

Film team: Khabeer Singh, Arnab, Luis Tutalcha, Tracey Parsons, Agni.
Production Management Consulting: Carmen Salinas
Website Design: Evelyn Rodriguez
Poster Image: Laura Bernhardt
Website Image: Olga Popova
Logo Design: Fabián Andrés Franco Márquez

In cooperation with studioNAXOS, with the support of NPN-STEPPING OUT NEUSTART KULTUR, Frankfurt Kulturamt, Frankfurt's Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten (AMKA), Hessische Theaterakademie (HTA), Gießener Hochschulgesellschaft (GHG) and ID_Tanzhaus Frankfurt Rhein-Main.


  • Radio play / Audio work
  • Premiere
©Olga Popova

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deep net fake hole dark rabbit

deep net fake hole dark rabbit is a lo-fi-archeology of being-online, addressing the internet as a space of orientation and of missing out, of connection and exclusion. Reconstructing her browser history, Caroline Creutzburg searches for gaps in order to retrospectively write herself into the biography of the www. Wrestling with user-generated online culture and big tech’s teflon-capitalism, the work aims for a protest beyond dystopian mainstream-platitudes.

The performance will be in German.

Konzept, künstlerische Leitung, Performance: Caroline Creutzburg 
Dramaturgie: Eva Königshofen 
Objekte: Clara Reiner 
Künstlerische Produktionsleitung: Carmen Salinas

  • Performance



19.6. - 23.6.21, 20 Uhr, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Saal)


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Der goldene Hund

Festival "Für dich für dich für dich"


Carlos Franke: text, performance, equipment, light
Maren Küpper: dramaturgy, set design, lighting
Robert Läßig: Interaction Design, Lighting


  • Performance



  • 19.09.21, TNT (Marburg)


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DER WAGEN. Ein Theater- Roadmovie durch Deutschland

In summer 2019, the theater ensemble buehnendautenheims undertakes an unlikely tour through Germany. It travels as a hiking troupe, with a 100-year-old hay wagon stage across the country - from Dautenheim in Rhenish Hesse to Berlin. In their luggage they carry the stage play "The Great Theater of the World" by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Every day, the ensemble covers 40 kilometers; every evening, they perform in marketplaces, outdoor swimming pools, and in front of churches and castles. 
The experiences of their journey are now transformed into a documentary theatrical Roadmovie. "DER WAGEN" offers an unusual glance at Germany, from the countryside to the city, from West to East, through the centuries.

With their specially built cinema bus, the buehnendautenheims repeat their journey from August 14 - 22, 2021. Along the itinerary of their baroque theater tour, they will once again stop at nine selected stations and show the experiences condensed into 90 minutes. 
Each stop will also be shown in the film. 
Popcorn and cold drinks will be available at the cinema store.


a Film by Dominik Hallerbach and Johannes Karl


  • Performance
  • Film


  • 14 August 2021: Freilichtbühne Dautenheim, Rheinland-Pfalz 
  • 15 August 2021: Ortenberg, Hessen 
  • 16 August 2021: Blankenau, Hessen 
  • 17 August 2021: Marksuhl, Thüringen 
  • 18 August 2021: Ziegelroda, Sachsen-Anhalt 
  • 19 August 2021: Mühlbeck, Sachsen-Anhalt 
  • 20 August 2021: Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg 
  • 21 August 2021: Klausdorf, Brandenburg 
  • 22 August 2021: Berlin 

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Was ist Begegnung? Wie erblicke ich jemanden, ohne meine Vorstellung voranzustellen? Haben mehrere Personen Platz auf einer Bildfläche und kann gesehen werden auch sehen heißen - oder braucht es außer der Sicht auch die körperliche Annäherung, das Fühlen eines anderen Körpers, um eine gemeinsame Präsenz zu spüren?
D-escounder ist eine meditative Praxis, bei der das gemeinsam-solistische Zeichnen zur Möglichkeit wird, sich im digitalen Raum physisch zu begegnen. Mit besonderer Sensibilisierung für Klang, Eigen- und Fremdimpulse und (A-)Synchronitäten, werden die Zeichnungen zu einer gemeinsamen Erfahrung angeleitet.
In Sessions von ca. 90 Minuten zeichnen die Teilnehmer:innen die Situation, die Personen und die Eindrücke, die in der jeweiligen Zoom-Konferenz zusammenkommen


Josephine Pascale Rudolph
Mara Kirchberg
Kanade Hamawaki
Nina DeLudemann



  • Performance, Festival



State13, Online, 31.10., 12&14h


©Mara Kirchberg
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Die Ente lügt - Ein Gedicht



Nadine Bachmann, Julia Römpp, Kathrin Frech


  • Installation 
  • Master piece 



11.04., 12.04. Performance Lab

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DISKURS is a festival at the interface between art and theory. Since 1984 it has been organized annually or biennially at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Gießen.


DISKURS35 will take place from 11. – 17. 10. 2021 and invites regional and international art and theory makers, students and interested people to come together, see, show, discuss and ask questions during these seven days.

We confront the ongoing pandemic situation with the greatest possible permeability. Since the beginning of this crisis, the cultural scene has been riddled, conditioned, shaken and inspired by porosity. Therefore, this year we invite artistic, theoretical and conceptual positions that provide approaches to address the motto porous.

The diverse program of performances, installations, lectures and workshops will take place in hybrid form, both analog and digital, and invites citizens, students, art and culture professionals and researchers to exchange and discuss.


Let's Celebrate the Porous! Let's Stay Porous!


Martin Müller, Greta Katharina Klein, Jannika Lösche, Kathrin Frech, Daniel Cordova, Leena Schnack, Paula Elena Noack, Nastya Dzyuban




DISKURS35 issupported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Gießen Cultural Office, the Justus Liebig University Gießen, the AStA JLU Gießen, the Gießen University Society, the Gießener Hochschulgesellschaft and the Hessian Theater Academy.






  • Festival


further info


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echoes of you(s)

echoes of you(s) is a collective drift, a temporary dislocation of the subject. It moves inside multi-layered temporalities and durations, leaking away from the present moment to unfold in the imagination of the viewer. Patterns erode away, leaving tenuous traces; they make tunnels across time (I think I’m adrift inside them). In echoes of you(s) Gry Tingskog and Amina Szecsödy weave together sculpture, embroidery, dance, sound and technology. In this meeting of choreography, performance and installation, they explore what happens to our bodies in the dark.

With support from Weld Stockholm, City of Stockholm and Hessian Theatre Academy.

Gry Tingskog and Amina Szecsödy

  • Performance



07.04. - 11.04., Weld Stockholm