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Theatermaschine 2022 | WTF is ATW?

The Theatermaschine is an annual showcase of the works of the students studying Applied Theatre Studies and Choreography and Performance at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. 

Additionally to a variety of artistic pieces, the Theatermaschine is also known for its festival character. This year's motto is: WTF is ATW?

Together with you, we would like to explore that question and show you what we are working on right now and what characterizes our institute. 

The Showings consist of various performances, films and videoart, music and dance showings, readings as well as installations. 

We hope that this festival manages to create a space for new encounters and that we will experience 5 unforgettable days!

You can look forward to an extensive and versatile program, many showings and parties, concerts and activities at the festival centre.


When? June 16 - 20
Stages of the institute
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