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Profile of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies
What is theatre? What could theatre be, if it cannot just be what it currently is? And how is an ever-changing theatre to be conceived of and experimented with? The Institute of Applied Theatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen conceives of its teaching and research as an attempt to always challenge the supposedly given definitions and conceptions of theatre. It seeks to continuously question theatre, to consider it negotiable and to reconceptualize theatre by means of risky and necessarily contingent models.
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Founded in 1982 by Andrzej Wirth, the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies became the first University program that integrated a study of artistic practice into the study of theatre. Under the leadership of Wirth and his collaborator Hans-Thies Lehmann, the institute quickly developed into an alternative to those established theatre schools that understood theatre exclusively as acting based on dramas and prepared their students for a market dominated by the well-established municipial theatres.
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The Institute of Applied Theatre Studies belongs to the Faculty 05 - Language, Literature, Culture - of the Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Further information on studying at JLU can be found here, for example information for international students, on application and admission (only relevant after passing the artistic aptitude test!), the university-wide list of deadlines, the examination office responsible for our degree programs, (e.g. registration for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis) the Student Union, the AStA and the Student Secretariat.

If you are studying or would like to study at the institute and are looking for help or advice, you should take a look at the university's advice guide. Especially important for prospective students is the Central Student Advisory Service (in addition to the subject-specific student advisory service at the Institute, which is available from Dr. Eva Holling, Bernhard Siebert, Dr. Livia Piazza as well as Rose Beermann), which provides general advice on study options, application and admission, etc. With regard to the costs and financing of studies (BAFöG, tuition fees, scholarships, etc.), please also refer to the social counseling of the Studentenwerk. The Institutional and Social Guide can also be helpful. Currently, no tuition fees are charged for studying at Hessian universities, the semester fee ("Semestergebühr") is currently about 280 euros per semester.

Those who would like to get to know the university and the institute have the opportunity to do so on the "Open Day", the University Information Day (HIT) in January, which is aimed at high school students as well as BA students interested in a master's program.

However, a special insight into the institute with the opportunity to meet students is offered by the annual festivals!