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Professors of the Institute
Prof. Dr. Xavier Le Roy
Professorship for Applied Theatre Studies with a focus on the practice of performative arts
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Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund
Professorship for Applied Theater Studies, executive director of the institute
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Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst
Professorship for Dance Studies with Focus on Choreography and Performance
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scientific and technical staff
Dennis Becker
state certified technician
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Benjamin Hoesch
Research project "Nachwuchsfestivals — Zwischen Event und der Suche nach neuen Formen"
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Dr. Livia Andrea Piazza
Research assistant of Prof. Dr. Xavier Le Roy and contact for artistic collaborations
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Dr. Martina Ruhsam
Research assistant and contact for MA CuP
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Ruth Schmidt
Artistic researcher ATW
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Dr. Ekaterina Trachsel
Research assistant of Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund and contact for academic advice
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