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Student Council and Representatives

Student Representatives

The general assembly of all students of Applied Theater Studies elected the following representatives for the years 2022/2023:

Anica Haubrich (she/they), Hanna Launikovich (she/her), Lucas Guigonis (they/them), Miriam von Kuztleben (no pronouns/they), Rosanna Rotach (she/no pronouns)



Student Council

The „Fachschaftsrat“ Applied Theatre Studies (FSR) represents the student’s interests at the Conference of all Fachschaften and to the university’s General Student’s Committee (AStA). The Fachschaftsrat is elected annually. Meetings are appointed inordinate and according to necessity. If there are any questions or problems concerning your studies or you need support for a student’s initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact the FSR at any time.


The elected Fachschaftsräte for the year of 2022/2023 are:

Adrien Einecke, Christian Förnzler, Felix Schwarzrock und Alica Müller



Further information about the Conference of all student councils (Fachschaftskonferenz), you find here.

General Assembly

Teachers and students meet at regular intervals during the semester at the General Assembly to discuss all issues regarding the institute. Students only meet several times during the semester for the Students' Assembly.


Teachers and students' representatives will inform you about the dates per e-mail.

The Notgroschen is a student, self- organized, unbureaucratic, trust-based financial aid system for Atw and CuP students that are dealing with personal financial difficulties. The Notgroschen is for private matters only and not for project funding. Contact: