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Information on wintersemester 21/22

This information is translated for orientation only. For the official version, see the German version at

If you have any further questions, please contact our respective teachers

General information for international students at the Institute:


Faculty 05 – Language, Literature, Culture

1. It is planned to continue online teaching to the following extent/ for the following events:

The winter semester 21/22 will likely be able to take place as an attendance semester with restrictions, during which there should be the opportunity, especially for first-year students, to become acquainted with university life on site. Courses in which forms of personal interaction is essential from a professional point of view are to be held in presence whenever possible. All JLU buildings are generally accessible, and students have full access to the JLU infrastructure, subject to compliance with applicable hygiene regulations. Masks are mandatory in the building and on the access routes to the rooms.

All lectures are offered exclusively digitally. Since a true hybrid semester is not feasible due to the lack of opportunities for students to stay between two attendance dates, the Dean's Office recommends making the lectures available as recordings and using synchronous digital attendance for questions and consolidation if necessary.


2. Classroom teaching/present exams are planned to the following extent/for the following courses:

In the upcoming winter semester, presence traching will probably be implemented with a maximum room occupancy of 30% under “AHA” (distance, hygiene, mask) hygiene conditions. Depending on the development of the pandemic situation, changes during the semester are possible. For the winter semester 2021/22, approx. 150 face-to-face courses (smaller groups or alternating courses) are planned at FB 05, where the courses for the 1st - 4th semester (mainly the 1st and 3rd semester) will be prioritized.


3. Students can find out about the need for presence in Giessen as follows:

The departments 04-06 share the rooms of the Philosophikum I and II and will finalize the room planning in early August. After that, students can find out about the teaching schedule on the department's information page: https://www.uni-

For the specific circumstances of a particular course, the teachers will provide instructions in a timely manner for the use of the room, for entering and exiting the room, and for rules of conduct (avoiding group formation). Masks are compulsory throughout the entire course and also at the student's seat. 



4. Are there any plans to give preference to certain groups of students?


FB 05 uses the rooms of Phil I and Phil II (here especially the subjects Romance Studies, Slavic Studies and the Theologies) together with FB 04 and FB 06, with the specification of a 30% room utilization, therefore not all attendance requests can be implemented. Room requests for courses for the 1st - 4th semester are prioritized in the distribution.


More info concerning FB05 and Corona via: