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Methods - Movement and Performance (Dynamics)

Movement and Performance


The nemolab has three forceplates produced by AMTI and Kistler. They are embedded in the floor and can be ordered variably. This makes it possible to analyze natural movements on even ground. Via implementation in the motion capture system (Vicon), marker movement measurements can be synchronized temporally, for example, when analyzing gait or jumps. Additionally, the nemolab has a portable forceplate produced by AMTI that can be used to analyze postural control independently from the location.



Nemolab is equipped with a Posturomed produced by Haider Bioswing. This therapy platform is suspended on a dual oscillation system that enables compensation movements in medio-lateral and anterior-posterior directions. By using the measurement system Microswing 6 (2D acceleration sensor), oscillations of the platform can be measured and then used to assess postural control.


Leg press

The leg press is a modified device from Künzler Sport that can be used for isometric measurements. It can be equipped with different strain gauges or a mobile force plate to measure the forces generated. Parallel to the measurement of forces, joint angles and EMG-activity can also be measured.



A high-quality treadmill from h/p/cosmos can be used in different settings ranging from running analyses, over endurance diagnostics, up to patient studies.



The Cyclus2 bicycle ergometer allows us to examine athletes with their own bikes. It is easy to mount their bikes on the ergometer. It can be used to implement numerous performance diagnostic test procedures.

16-Channel EMG System (MYON 320)

We use the MYON 320 EMG System. This system enables to collect up to 16 channels of EMG data. With lightweight, wireless transmitters and minimal (real-time) latencies, the MYON fits our research demands very well by, for example, successfully (and almost artifact free) recording the EMG of several muscles during basketball free throws.