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Dear students, you are welcome to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in the department at the corresponding deadlines.

The specific topics will be developed collaboratively with the responsible supervisor.

Possible subject areas are:

Personalized psychotherapy


  • Prediction of psychotherapy processes, outcomes, and drop-out
  • Are some patients more predictable than others?
  • Ecological momentary assessment and personalized interventions in subclinical samples
  • Identification of typical patient profiles, which may be used for prediction
  • Do similar patients respond similarly to psychotherapy?


Therapist effects


  • Why are some therapists more effective than others?
  • Heart rate variability in therapists



Mechanisms and processes of change


  • Which processes change during successful psychotherapy?
  • Examples of mechanisms/processes: therapeutic relationship/alliance, emotion regulation strategies, dysfunctional cognitions, interpersonal patterns


Measurement of change and therapeutic processes

  • How can psychotherapeutic change be measured?
  • Individualized vs. standardized measurement
  • Direct vs. indirect measurement of change


Meta-analysis on various topics

You are welcome to conduct a meta-analysis on a topic of your choosing at any time. Working in a team of 2 people to conduct a meta-analysis is prefereable and recommended.


How does the application process work?

* Students in the clinical psychology specialization (see e-mail bulletin):

Please note the respective deadlines!

Please send your electronic application with a short curriculum vitae (including details of your high school degree), a copy of your BSc-transcripts, a FlexNow printout of your previous achievements in the psychology MSc, and a brief indication of your ranked preferences with regards to the subject area to (


Applications with 1st priority for the Rubel department should include:

  • Short letter of motivation (as part of the e-mail, no need for a separate file attachment)
  • Short curriculum vitae (including information details about high school diploma and/or final grades)
  • BSc-transcript
  • 1st semester MSc-transcript (FlexNow screenshot is sufficient)
  • Brief indication of the topic(s) of interest

Note for students not focusing in clinical psychology:

3-4 Master’s theses will be available for students not focusing in clinical psychology.

Please send your application (curriculum vitae, short letter of motivation, FlexNow printout, psychology BSc-transcript, preferred topic(s) of interest) electronically directly to Prof. Rubel