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Main Research Focus

The research group has been focusing on the neural correlates of emotion processing for several years. Of major interest are the investigation of the acquisition and the extinction of emotional reactions (conditioning processes) and the interaction of emotion and attention. Within these research processes, functional magnetic resonance imaging is used because it allows the exploration of brain functions in different experimental settings. This research on brain function is not only conducted with healthy participants but also specific clinical disorders such as anxiety disorders (e.g. obsessive-compulsive disorder, specific phobias) or addictions (e.g. nicotine addiction, sex addiction) are investigated.

Current third-party funded projects:

German Research Foundation: ‘Neural correlates of symptom provocation in dental phobia: an fMRI-study’ (STA 475/10-1)
German Research Foundation: ‘Neuro-biological foundation of sexual responsivity and its relation to sexual motivation’ (STA 475/11-1)
German Research Foundation: ‘Motivational impact of smoking-related cues from a functional and a learn-theoretic perspective’(STA 475/5-2); sub-project of the research group ‚Emotion and Behavior‘ in Würzburg, Germany