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Interesting theses possibilities (Bachelor/Master)

The professorship for Psychotherapy and Systems Neuroscience will be offering different and interesting theses topics. Thematically these will be centered on emotion processing, mainly in healthy participants but also in clinical contexts. Functional MRI studies as well as other studies are planned. Each student, together with a supervisor, will be devising a research question, which will have to be realizable in the given period. Students’ own ideas can also be put forward and will be considered. Yet, it is necessary to do this in consultation with the department.

Possible topics:

• Sexual responsivity
Possible research questions:
‘What happens when people see sexual stimuli?’
‚Are there any sex or personality differences?‘
• Emotional learning (conditioning, extinction)
Possible research questions:
‚What effects does conditioning have?’
‚Can fear stimuli be generalized and transferred to other situations?’
‚How does extinction work?‘
‘Is there such a thing as positive conditioning?"
‚Are there any genetic links?‘

• Social Phobia

• Emotion regulation

If you are interested, please send your application (including your college graduation diploma (Abitur, A-level diploma), if applicable your BSc Diploma and your CV with photo) to our secretarial office: