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Both in Germany and internationally, there have been calls for years for a stronger link between theoretical knowledge and practical professional knowledge. Digital media offer a variety of opportunities to strengthen this interlocking. For example, the use of suitable serious games in teacher training can give students the opportunity to test and reflect on the application of theoretical knowledge from their studies in a safe environment. A potentially well-suited serious game for this purpose is the decision-making simulation "Me as a Teacher". This was developed in the sub-project "Serious Games in Teacher Education" of the work area "Digitization in Teacher Education" of the HessenHub network "Digital University Teaching Hesse" in cooperation with the Center for Teacher Education, the campus schools and individual actors in the second and third phase of teacher education. The digital decision simulation focuses on testing central aspects of teacher education and therefore offers potentially great added value for the sustainable improvement of teaching in the teaching profession. However, whether it would be used as intended within real courses and how it can be embedded in teacher training in the most didactically meaningful way is currently still unclear. The project "I as a Teacher in Teaching: Dovetailing Theory and Practice" therefore pursues two central goals: The observation of the effects of the use of the game on central outcome measures with regard to the presented potentials of serious games in teacher training. The integration of the game into a digitally supported seminar concept with a focus on the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical teaching situations. The project is funded with 4,000 euros in the third round of the Linked Learning funding line by the Hesse-wide joint project "HessenHub - Netzwerk digitale Hochschullehre Hessen" (sub-project at JLU Gießen), which is funded by the HMWK.