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Project: Learning with explainer videos


Dr. Marie-Christin Krebs

Prof. Dr. Alexander Eitel



In recent years, few media have experienced such a strong increase in usage with regard to digital learning as the medium explainer video. Explainer videos are not only used in daily life to inform oneself about various topics, but they are also increasingly being used in school and university learning contexts. Especially the relatively short duration and conciseness make explainer videos popular among learners. An important aspect of explainer videos is that they do not exhaustively explain the topics, but rather highlight and illustrate relevant contexts and concepts. An important core element of explainer videos is the so-called "storytelling", which is intended to help convey the content in an interesting and example-based way.

In the project "Learning with Explainer Videos", we address different questions regarding the use of explainer videos in learning contexts, such as: When and why do explainer videos foster learning? Which aspects should be taken into account when designing explainer videos? How should learning scenarios be designed so that learners can benefit from them? How do teachers assess the use of explainer videos? One focus of our research is to clarify which theoretical basis underlies the effectiveness of explainer videos. Another focus is to investigate how explainer videos, but also learning scenarios with explainer videos, should be designed so that learners can benefit from explainer videos. For this purpose, we will investigate the use of explainer videos in different learning contexts.