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We appreciate your interest in our research and welcome you to participate in our ongoing studies.
Please note the participation requirements for all studies. You will find these under the respective studies.

Current lab studies

"How do we learn with online materials? - Part II"

What is it about?

In this study, you will have the opportunity to learn about online learning materials around performance anxiety while assisting with Danielle Pelzer's master's thesis.

Expense :

You can either participate in a drawing for 25 wish vouchers of 10 Euros each or receive a VP hour. You can voluntarily register for both options at the end of the study via a separate questionnaire.

Duration of the study : approx. 60 min

Participation requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have a native level of German.
  • You are studying teaching, psychology in the first or second semester (psychology students in higher semesters unfortunately cannot participate in the study) or sports science at the JLU.
  • For student teachers: You have not yet participated in the psychology MAP or heard the lecture on performance anxiety.

Link to the study :

Current online studies

Currently no online studies are maintained.