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Impacts of Climate Change, Adaptation to Climate Change and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions until 2050


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(LOEWE is a research fund for the development of scientific and economic excellence of the federal state Hessian)

What are the Impacts of Climate Change on Central European Agriculture?

It is getting warmer – in Hessian, too. How is central European agriculture affected by climate change? In order to examine the complex effects of carbon dioxide on plants, soils, microorganisms and insects, the LOEWE research center FACE2FACE combines two large-scale field research facilities: The Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment systems (FACE) of the Justus Liebig University Giessen and the FACE systems of the Hochschule Geisenheim University. These FACE systems enable us to increase the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration on experimental plots to a predefined level and thus to simulate conditions predicted for the middle of the century. Based on the knowledge gained in their studies, researchers will develop strategies for the adaptation to climate change or for the mitigation of climate change impacts. The research activities focus on the agroecosystems grassland vineyard and vegetable field



In the following you find Current Dates and Highlights within the Framework of FACE2FACE: