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Dr. Jürgen Marxsen

Dr. Jürgen Marxsen

Dr. Jürgen MarxsenDr. Jürgen Marxsen
Justus Liebig University
IFZ - Department of Animal Ecology
Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32
D-35392 Giessen

Tel:    +49(0)641/ 99-35750
Fax:    +49(0)641/ 99-35709



Research Interests

Research Interests

My research is focussed on the role of microorganisms, especially bacteria, in the flow of matter and energy in running water and groundwater ecosystems. Mainly considered are (1) the importance of bacterial biomass and bacterial production as a food resource for higher trophic levels, (2) the composition of microbial communities which is analysed via molecular biology methods, and (3) the function of extracellular enzymes in the degradation of macromolecular organic matter and in the remineralisation of nutrients. Special attention is currently directed to the consequences of increasing desiccation of headwater streambeds as a result of climate change and water withdrawal, not only on microbial communities but also on running water systems in general. For more details cf. Research/Limnology.

The 4th International Conference on Enzymes in the Environment: Activity, Ecology & Applications, Bad Nauheim, Germany, 17 – 21 July, 2011. For details: . Further information: .