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Modules in the winter term


BK 053 Consumers and Markets

  • Decision behaviour of consumers from an economic perspective (neoclassical and behavioural economic approach)
  • Consumption decisions and the time factor
  • Consumption in the market for financial services
  • Volunteer work and voluntary commitment
  • Sharing Economy
  • Consumers in interaction with the state (e.g. value-added services, transfer payments)
  • Consumer responsibility
BP 137 People-Planet Interactions
  • Theories to explain environmentally relevant behavior from different perspectives (e.g. economics, psychology etc.)
  • Consumers in interaction with their social and physical environment
  • Empirical studies on the influence of the environment on humans and of humans on the environment


MK 075 Methods of Consumer Research

  • Introduction to consumer research

  • Introduction to basic scientific concepts, research process, research methods

  • Conception and design of questionnaires, experiments etc.

MP 174 Healthy people – healthy planet
  • Analysis of current trends and problems in food with a focus on sustainability

  • Determinants and values related to the "good life"

  • Theories and empirical studies in the fields of transformative consumer research, ecological economy, positive psychology, etc.

  • Necessity and potential for changing human behavior and actively shaping social trends in the future

Modules in the summer term


BK 052 Consumer Policy

  • Theoretical foundations of consumer policy

  • Consumer policy organisations

  • Consumer policy instruments

  • Fields of action of consumer policy

BP 136 Consumer Behavior

  • Theories to explain individual consumer behavior from different disciplinary perspectives (e.g. economics, psychology etc.)

  • Consumers in interaction with their social and physical environment

  • Empirical studies on health and nutritional behavior


MP 172 Nutrition and Health Behaviour Change

  • Empirical studies to identify fields of action relevant to health

  • Theories of behavioural change and empirical application examples

  • Techniques for changing consumer behaviour in the field of nutrition and health

  • Ethical and moral aspects of changing behaviour

MP 173 Sustainable Consumption

  • Sustainability (economic, ecological, social and cultural) in the consumption sector

  • Inclusion of the entire consumption process (purchase, use, disposal)

  • Empirical studies to identify relevant consumer behavior

  • Theories of behavioral change and empirical applications

  • Responsibility of consumers and other relevant stakeholders

Further Information

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