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Manale Andargie Embiyale

Manale Andargie Embiyale is a Ph.D. candidate under auspices of IPPAE, the International PhD Program for Agricultural Economics, Bioeconomy and Rural Development at Giessen University. His research topic is "Intra-household Gender Relation and Its Implication for Family Income in Rural Ethiopia"

Research associate in food sociology



Zeughaus, Room 304,

Senckenbergstraße 3,

35390 Gießen






Research interests

  • Rural development & family wellbeing
  • Nutrition sensitive agriculture
  • Agricultural extension and agricultural cooperative


Curriculum Vitae


since October 2021


IPPAE PhD candidate at the chair of food sociology at Giessen University



Lecturer, Debre Makros University, Ethiopia
2014-2018 Instructor, Alage Agricultural College, Ethiopia
2016 M.Sc. in Gender and Family Studies
2010 B.Sc. in Rural Development and Family Sciences