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Frede, Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg


Frede, Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg







Tel: 0641 - 9937395

Fax: 0641 - 9937389



Fields of interest/ focus of work

  • Director of the Institute for Land Improvement and chair of Resource Management until 03/31/2014
  • Spokesman of the special research field SFB 299 "Land use concepts for peripheral regions"
  • Chairperson of the DFG-Senatskommission for Assessment of substances in agriculture
  • Water and biogeochemical cycles
  • Water pollution
  • Development of land use concepts
  • Integrated modelling
  • Irrigation and water resources management
  • Erosion


Scientific career

  • 1973-1975 Doctor's degree "Denitrifikation in landwirtschaftlich genutzten Böden" with Prof. Dr. B. Meyer, institute for soil science, university of Göttingen
  • 1985 Postdoctoral thesis "Der Gashaushalt des Bodens" at the faculty for agricultural sciences, university of Göttingen, award for venia legendi in soil science
  • 1975-1985 Scientific researcher at the institute for soil science at the university of Göttingen
  • 1987 refusal of the offered chair of landscaping at the TU Berlin
  • 1987 refusal of the offered chair of soil science at the university of Bonn
  • 1988 chair of land improvement at the Justus-Liebig University Giessen


Reviewed publications

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