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MP02 module description


Winter semester
Regular schedule: Thursdays 8:30 -12:30
Location: IFZ B 301



Molecular Biology and Genetic Variation

3rd semester

6 CP


Module name

Molecular Biology and Genetic Variation

Module code   

MP 002

Faculty / Subject / Department

Faculty 09 / Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Environmental Management / Department of Nutritional Sciences

Associated degree course(s) / Semester taken

 All FB09 Master's degree courses / 3rd semester

Module coordinator

Prof. Katja Becker


Prof. Katja Becker (additional lecturers: Dr. Stefan Rahlfs)


Chemistry I, Biochemistry I BK30E, Special Biochemistry I MK20E

Learning outcomes


  • have in-depth knowledge of the biosynthesis of nucleotides and of DNA and RNA as bearers of hereditary factors
  • understand the structure of DNA and RNA as well as the principles of DNA replication, mutation and repair, RNA synthesis, and splicing processes
  • can discuss the control of gene expression in prokaryotes and  mechanisms of gene expression in eukaryotes
  • have a deep knowledge of the most important methods of molecular biology
  • have knowledge in the field of nutritionally relevant, genetically determined diseases relevant to nutritional science and their treatment, as well as in the field of gene therapy

Module contents

  • Structure and function of DNA and RNA
  • Transcription and translation
  • controlling the gene expression in prokaryotes
  • Gene expression in eukaryotes
  • Genetically determination metabolic diseases
  • Genetic disposition, gene therapy, microarrays
  • Restriction endonucleases, ligation, cloning, PCR, quantitative PCR, transformation, heterologous expression
  • Multiplex-PCR, DNA-Fingerprint, microsatellites
  • (c)DNA-Banks, plasmids, cosmids, YACS, reporter genes

Form(s) of instruction

Seminar (70%), tutorial (30%)

Total workload hours

180 hours

Credit Points:  6 ECTS credits

Module composition:
A. Classwork total

120 hrs.

Aa. In class

60 hrs.: lecture (40 hrs.) and practice (20 hrs.)

Ab. Preparation/revision

60 hrs.: preparation (40 hrs.) and revision/study (20 hrs.)

B. Autonomous work

30 hrs. (work in small groups)

C. Module's final examination

30 hrs.

Exam format and contribution to final grade

Balancing exam format

Repeat exam format

Written examination (90 min.)
Grade: 100%


Repeat written examination

duration in semesters

Winter semester, annually
1 semester (3rd Master)



Language of instruction


Module guidance: see the semester posting    Schedule: see the lecture directory    Required literature see the semester posting