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Marina Fischer


Curriculum vitae:





General qualification for university studies (Elisabeth Knipping School, Kassel)

1998 - 1999 

Apprenticeship as a chemistry technician (EKS, Kassel)
Graduated as a state-certified chemistry technician, main focus: biotechnology



Career path:


Jul. - Sep. 1999

University of Heidelberg Biochemistry Center, Becker lab

Oct.1999 - Aug. 31st 2000

Research Center for Infectious Diseases, University of Würzburg, Becker lab

since Sep. 1st 2000

IFZ Giessen, Human Nutritional Biochemistry, Becker lab



Areas of work:



  • Cloning and overexpresssion of various genes in E. coli


  • Protein purification and biochemical characterization


  • Enzyme kinetics, inhibitor studies, spectrometry


  • Establishment of medium throughput assays in order to screen inhibitor libraries


  • High throughput screening in cooperation with Novartis (GNF, San Diego, and NITD, Singapore)


Work group tasks:



  • Purchasing


  • Practical course supervision (MKII/AB and BK30E)


  • Safety officer


  • Fire prevention inspector