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Working Group International Nutrition


The group conducts research in the area of international food and nutrition security including various aspects. The associations between reduce growth, under- and overweight as well as altered body composition on one hand and actual nutrition, agriculture and health on the other hand require more research in order to sustainably solve the problems caused by nutritional deficits and nutrition-related diseases.


In the focus are:

  • International nutrition security through nutrition education and support in the utilization of local resources with focus on regions and populations with food insecurity
  • Promotion of a balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet through increasing dietary diversity
  • Role of food-based approaches including the utilization of neglected locally available foods for nutrition security







  • Evaluation of the "exceed Programm" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (April-August 2018)
  • Participation of the WHO Technical Consultation on "Nutrition related products and WHO Model List of Essential Medicines: practical considerations and feasibility, 20.-21.9.2018, Geneva