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Networking, transfer and evaluation measure on the promotion of innovations in non-chemical plant protection methods in horticulture

Matteo Galli, Karl-Heinz Kogel

Cooperation partners:
Prognos AG und TransMIT GmbH

Background: Horticulture is the science of growing fruit, vegetables, ornamental and medicinal plants. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic value of urban and rural environments, horticulture plays a particularly important role in providing high quality food and micronutrients. The wide range of plant species in horticulture requires a variety of crop protection strategies that must be adapted to the different scenarios of plant production and use. Consequently, the development of more sustainable, non-chemical plant production and protection is therefore essential for human and animal health and for the preservation of the environment.


Project: Within the framework of the innovation funding programme of BMEL and BÖLN, the contracting authority has called for the submission of innovative project ideas with the "Announcement on the funding of innovations in non-chemical plant protection methods in horticulture" (18.07.2019) in order to ensure sustainable and competitive horticulture in Germany. The project partners will now provide networking services for the transfer and evaluation of the funding measure to ensure high visibility and a sustainable broad impact. In addition, innovation processes will be supported and the funding measure will be evaluated with regard to its achievement of objectives and the goals of the BÖLN and the innovation programme.