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Prof. Dr. Jan Siemens

Prof. Dr. Jan Siemens

Head of Department

Department of Soil Science and Soil Conservation, iFZ

Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32

35392 Giessen, Germany


Room: B 231


Phone.: +49 (0)641 99 37100

Fax: +49 (0)641 99 37109



  • Cycling of carbon (esp. dissolved carbon) and nutrients in soils and (agro)ecosystems.
  • Fate of pollutants (esp. pharmaceuticals) in soils and (agro)ecosystems.
  • Effects of soil properties, soil development, soil management, and land use on soil functions.



  • Introduction to Soil Science and Soil Ecology
  • Soils and soil landscapes (Europe and globally)
  • Soil Protection
  • Soil inventory and soil evaluation


Academic background