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News about the Corona Situation

On this page you will find a summary of the information from the newsletters of the Faculty 09.

Further up-to-date information can also be found on:



Lecturers are requested to conduct as many examinations as possible without physical presence and, if necessary, to change the form of examination. Such alternative examinations are not linked to the planned examination periods. For exams that require attendance, we try to orientate by the examination periods as far as possible. You can find the exact exam dates via Stud.IP. Changes concerning the form of the examinations have to be announced four weeks in advance at the latest.

We try to offer as many exams as possible in a digital way. The lecturers will give you details via Stud.IP.


Exam registration

Registration for exams is possible during the given deadline. Participation in examinations is not possible without registration in FlexNow.


Online exams

The ban on online exams published by the university administration on 8.6.2020, at 10:30 a.m. refers to exams with online systems that require a permanent connection to the server, e.g. online exams in Ilias. Only this is called an electronic exam. Not affected are homework-like formats, where tasks are first downloaded and then uploaded again after processing.


Non-appearance / Case of illness

Anyone who cannot take part in an examination that is in the responsibility of JLU due to illness must in any case deregister with the respective examination office before the examination. Non-appearance at the examination date without prior cancellation is considered a failed attempt. However, against the background of the corona pandemic, it is not necessary to present a medical certificate until further notice.

If you can not take an exam for which you are registered in FlexNow, you must send an email to the examination office (a phone call is not sufficient) that you cannot take the exam due to illness. In FlexNow a medical certificate is then noted. You will then be automatically registered for the next possible examination period. Initial registrations in FlexNow will therefore remain.



Please inform yourself about current deadlines and dates of the department on the website of the examination office.