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FAQ - Study at Faculty 09

Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about studying at the Faculty 09.

We will inform you regularly by e-mail about changes of the module offerings and important deadlines and dates. Therefore, please check your university mailbox regularly.





Detailed information on all modules of the faculty 09, their contents, participation requirements, semester classification and examination modalities can be found in the course catalogues (Bachelor / Master).


Which modules are available?


Mandatory Modules

Core modules are mandatory modules. In each degree program, certain mandatory core modules must be completed. These modules are defined in the degree programme. You will find the core modules (BK or MK) for each degree programme in the respective module list.

>> Bachelor Degree Programmes 

>> Master Degree Programmes


Profile Modules

Profile modules can be indivudually chosen. Modules offered by Faculty 09 (BP or MP) are available for selection as profile modules. Any MP module of the faculty 09 can be chosen or up to four core modules from another degree programme within the Faculty 09. Upon application to the examination office, modules from other JLU faculties and from other universities can also be taken.

>> Module Directories Master


When do I have to take which module?

Studying at the Faculty 09 is very flexible due to the uniform module structure. For orientation purposes, we have set up a study schedule for both degrees (Bachelor / Master). In order to be able to complete the degree programme within the standard period of study, the completion of five modules per semester is recommended. Restrictions on the order of the modules result from the semester classification, i.e. whether the modules are offered in the summer or winter semester and, if applicable, on the participation requirements.


What's the study schedule and where can I find it?

Study schedules are set up for both the Bachelor's programmes and the Master's programmes showing all modules of the semester respectively. The study schedules are published each semester and are designed to allow the best possible combination of modules. The Master schedule can be found on this website:

>> Study Schedule Master


For how many modules can I register?

The study schedule and the Examination Regulations indicates how many core and profile modules have to be completed in total.

During the course of their studies, students may take examinations in more modules than required. The results of additional modules are not added to the calculation of the overall degree grade. The successful completion of additional modules is shown in an additional certificate.

Additional modules can be modules of the Faculty 09 or modules that have been recognised by the examination office.

Attendance of additional modules in the Faculty 09 is possible, if seats are available. The availability can be checked in Stud.IP or by contacting the module coordinator.

Please use this form for registration: Registration form Additional Modules . The form has to be submitted within the respective deadlines to the examination office.


How do I register for modules?


I am a first-year student. How can I register for modules?

First-year students register for the core modules of the first semester in Stud.IP during their introduction week. The student mentors explain the registration process and give you a hand in doing so.


Some modules have a limited number of seats. How do I get a place?

Module seats in modules with limited participation are allocated by the Study Deanery taking into account the profile module plans of all students. For this purpose, students should create a profile module plan in FlexNow. The Bachelor's students do so after the second semester and the Master's students during their first semester. With this procedure students in higher semesters usually get a place in their desired modules. Students can also directly register in Stud.IP for these modules. However, it may be that there is a waiting list due to the limitation of seats. Remaining seats after allocation by the Study Deanery are distributed to the students on this list by drawing lots.

Therefore, please make sure that you update your profile module plan in FlexNow.


I need to create a profile module plan. What is it and how do I do it?

In the profile module plan you determine which profile modules you would like to take in which semester. On the one hand, this is important for planning your further course of studies (coordination of the modules, decing on a major field of study, creation of the timetable) and, on the other hand, it is the basis on which the Study Deanery assings module seats in modules with limited participation. The profile module plan is created in FlexNow. We have put together detailed information on the profile module plan here:

>> Profile Module Plan


I missed the module registration for the upcoming semester. What do I do now?

If you have missed the deadline for the module registration, you have to contact the module coordinator. If there are still places available, you can be registered by the module coordinators. After the deadline, places in modules with restricted participation are usually already fully allocated, so you will have to choose modules without restricted participation.





In order to participate in examinations, timely registration via  FlexNow is required. The deadlines for each semester are published on the faculty website and announced by email.

If you have not registered for an exam or missed the deadline, you will not be able to take the exam.


Registration for exams


How do I register for exams?

You register for exams via the FlexNow exam management system. Deregistration from an exam is also done via FlexNow. For first-year students we organize an information session on the use of FlexNow. You will be informed about the date via e-mail.


Can I also deregister from exams?

Yes, it is possible to cancel an exam registration up to 10 days before the start of the exam period. This is only possible if it is the first examination attempt, i.e. no examination attempt has been made yet. If it is a retake or repeat examination, deregistration is not possible.


I missed the exam registration. Can I still take the exam?

No, if you have not registered for the exam in time, you are not entitled to take the exam. In this case, you must register for the next exam period and cannot take the exam until then. So, make sure you register for your exams within the registration periods.


Exam Dates


Where can I find the exam dates?

Each semester, the examination office publishes an overview of the examination dates. In addition, the persons responsible for the modules often announces the examination dates and locations in Stud.IP or during the lectures. At any time you may contact the secretary of the respective professor for information if you have any questions.


Are there different exam periods and when are they?

At the faculty 09 there are three examination periods for each semester. Registration for an examination is possible for either the first or the second examination period. An overview of the examination periods and deadlines can be found on the pages of the examination office.

In some modules, the examinations dates (number of periods, dates) may deviate from the standard exam periods. Information on this is given by the module coordinator at the beginning of a course.


Can I freely choose in which examination period I want to take an examination?

Students are free to choose which examination they would like to take in the first examination period and in the second examination period. Active registration for examinations in the third examination period is not possible. This examination period is only intended for retakes and repeat examinations if an examination in the second examination period was not passed or missed due to illness. In this case, registration is automatically carried out in FlexNow and deregistration is not possible.


Illness / Not passing an exam


What should I do if I am sick on the day of the exam?

In case of illness on an examination date a medical certificate is necessary. It has to be submitted to the examination office within the next three working days together with the supplementary sheet to the medical certificate. The missed exam must be taken at the next possible date, and this registration is automatically effected in FlexNow. Deregistration from the examination is not possible.


What happens if I fail an exam?

If you have failed a module, you can retake the exam twice. The repetition of a failed examination takes place in the next possible examination period. The registration is automatically effected in FlexNow. Deregistration from this date is not possible.


Do I have to register again if I have not passed an exam?

No, you remain automatically registered and must sit the next possible exam date, as you cannot withdraw from it. You are required to inform yourself about the next exam date. There will be no individual notification.


I have failed an exam twice. Before the next exam, I would like to attend the lecture again. Is that possible?

This is possible if particular conditions apply:

If the first repeat examination (second attempt) was taken in the second examination period and was not passed, you can apply to take the second repeat examination (third attempt) after participation of the module once again. You then have to take the exam in the first examination period. Please note that this request must be submitted to the examination office no later than ten days before the start of the third examination period.


I have ultimately failed a module - what does that mean?

If you fail a module in the third attempt, you have definitively failed the module and thus the entire study programme. You are no longer entitled to continue your studies in your degree program. It is possible to appeal against the Final Failure decision by the Examinations Office and to apply for a fourth attempt. It is essential that you contact the Examinations Office or the study coordinators within the objection period.


Recognition of existing examination results


For recognition of academic achievements an application has to be submitted to the examination office. After your application has been reviewed, you will be notified in writing. Please note that it takes approximately four weeks to process an application for recognition. All necessary information on the recognition procedure can be found here.





When do I have to pay my semester fees and to which account? Where can I find this information?

The semester fees for the next semester always have to be paid towards the end of the lecture periods. You find the exact deadlines here.

The banking details and the exact amount of the contribution can be found here.


I did not re-register in time for the next semester. What now?

If you have failed to transfer the semester fee for the next semester in time and thus to re-register, please contact the Examination Office of Faculty 09 using your university e-mail address and indicate your full name, matriculation number and a short explanation of the circumstances.

A fee of 30,- EUR is charged for late enrollment or late re-registration.





Is it possible to do an internship during my Bachelor / Master at the faculty 09?

The modules BP 144 / MP 196 Internship can be taken by all students of both the Bachelor and Master Degree programme of the faculty 09. The only exception is the degree course Agrobiotechnology because this programme requires an obligatory internship as a core module (MK0 19).


Where do I find information about internships?

More Information on internships can be found on the pages of the Internship Office.



Further Guidance



If you have any questions about studying, please contact the study coordinators. We will be happy to help you and, if necessary, refer you to other counseling centers.

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