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Module Registration

The module registration in faculty 09 is always carried out at the end of the preceding semester. After the distribution of seats in limited modules by the study deanery, Stud.IP will be open again and students can enroll for their core and profile modules. Additional information and all deadlines regarding the module registration are available on this page.

Timeline for module registration

The info sheet deadlines also lists the dates for the examination registrations.

>> Deadlines


Module registration at faculty 09

The document below guides you through the registration process in Stud.IP.

>> Guide "Module Registration" (.pdf)


Module registration THM modules (M.Sc. Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources)

The module registration at the Technical University of Giessen (THM – Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen) has to be done in Moodle.

>> Guide "Module Registration THM for Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources" (.pdf)


Study Schedule

Seats in profile modules with limited capacity are distributed on the basis of the study schedules. Bachelor students create their study schedule by the end of the second semester, Master students during the course of their first semester. Detailed information on the study schedule and a step-by-step guide for FlexNow is provided on an extra page.

>> Study Schedule

>> direct link to FlexNow