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General information

At the end of their studies, students independently write a scientific thesis on a specific task. The thesis consists of a written part and an oral presentation. The thesis should show that the student is able to independently work on a narrowly defined task within a given period of time using scientific methods.


Supervision and topic

Students can ask the professors of the various institutes which topics can currently be worked on for a Master's thesis or suggest a topic themselves. The choice of the first and second supervisor, one of whom must be a professor, is also based on this topic.



The registration for the thesis is done via the examination office.

The Master thesis can be registered at the earliest when six core modules have been passed.

Notification of registration for the thesis will be sent to the JLU e-mail address.



The period of time required to complete the Master's thesis is six months. The topic is to be delimited in such a way that the Master thesis can be completed with a workload of 720 hours.


External Form

There are no central specifications for the external form of the thesis in the department 09. These can vary individually and depending on the supervisor.

Various guides for scientific work can help with the preparation of the thesis.



Written part

The written part of the thesis must be submitted to the supervisor in triplicate and in accordance with the deadline. If the thesis is not handed in by the deadline, it will be graded as "insufficient". The written thesis will be evaluated by both examiners within six weeks of submission. The grade is calculated as the arithmetic mean of both assessments. In the written part, at least the grade "sufficient" must be achieved.


Colloquium / Defence

If the written part of the thesis has been passed, the results of the thesis should be presented in a colloquium, which should take place at the latest six weeks after the announcement of the evaluation of the written thesis. Both examiners evaluate this presentation, which should last at least 30 and maximum 45 minutes. The examiners determine the date.



The overall grade of the thesis is calculated as the average of the grades of the thesis and the colloquium. In the Master's programs, the grade of the written thesis is weighted three times and the grade of the colloquium is weighted once. The thesis is passed if the thesis and the colloquium have each been graded at least with the grade "sufficient".

  • Master thesis: written part (75 %), colloquium (25 %)


Repetition of the thesis / colloquium

If the written part of the thesis was not passed, it can be re-submitted.

The colloquium can be repeated once.


Further Information

Further information on the regulations for the Bachelor and Master thesis can be found in the General Regulations & Special Regulations.