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Benner, Annalina

The Impact of Digitization on the Musicalization of Anglophone Fiction. From Thematization and Imitation to Musical Incorporation

Berchmans, Jean

Burundi under German rule, 1896-1916

Buonamici, Riccardo

Narrators and Narratee in the English Picaresque Tradition, 1591-1753: the Forms and Functions of Moral Ambiguity

Çiçek, Melisa

Erzählte Resonanzerfahrungen: Repräsentationen diverser Lebensformen in postmigrantischer Gegenwartsliteratur

Diel, Johanna

Der Kult des Hosios und Dikaios – Formen von kultischer Identitätsbildung im kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasien

Engels, Sandra

Reimagining Spaces of Memory: Participative Approaches in the Cultural Mediation of Memory and Identity Politics

Klishevich, Anna

Cinematic Ekphrasis in Contemporary British Novel: Language, Frame, Gaze

Lüttich, Sara

Climate Change Adaptation Processes in Malawi and Namibia from a Sociological Perspective

Marsheva, Anastasiia

Post-Ost: Zwischen dem Ausleben der ethnischen Identitäten und der Artikulation der politischen Interessen

Mazzaglia, Piera

Material Love: The Creation and Role of 'The Languages of Love', more than Verbal Expressions

Radny, Kacper

Between Occident and Orient: Exploring the perception of Eastern European artists creating in Western Europe in the XIX century to better understand the meeting point between the West and the East in the art world.

Ravi, Archana

Re-remembering the Second World War: Narrative Strategies and ‘New’ Modes of Representation in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction

Rochholl Manuela

Unerzählte Geschichte(n) – Die Ethno-graphische Sammlung des Oberhessischen Museums als eine Wissensquelle zur deutschen Kolonialvergangenheit im  (inter-) nationalen Kontext

Sawon, Dorothea

Writing Nature in a more-than-human World: Ecological Sense-ability as a Narrative Strategy in Contemporary British Writing

Shyshkina, Tetsiana

Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee incorporation into the Global network of Jewish organizations during WWII

Yaldız, Şahin

The Making of an Identity: Cultural Memory, Making of a Diaspora: Mübadils of Turkey