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Memories for the Future? Narrating Horizons of Hope in “Politics out of History”


Online conference - December 8th, 2020 (10:00 16:00 CET)

Roundtable 1: Approaches to Memories Futures - Concepts, Norms and Impacts

(10-10:15 Welcome note - Roundtable 10:15 11:45)

  • Katrin Antweiler and Zoran Vučkovac (GCSC-University of Giessen): Introductory remarks
  • Magdalena Zolkos (Goethe University Frankfurt): Cultural Heritage Return in the Pacific Region Restitution as Decolonization?
  • Thomas Van de Putte (University of Trento): Re-politicizing memory studies? Some Arguments for a Vernacular Approach
  • Sarah Sporys (University of Freiburg): The Past as Template for the Future? French, German and American Memory Discourses During the Kosovo War
  • Moritz Herrmann (University of Mainz): The Memory of the Hydra: A History of Remembering the Quilombo of Palmares

Roundtable 2: Conflicting Memories and Memories of Conflict (12:00 -13:30)

  • Henrietta Omo Eshalomi (University of Ibadan): ‘We Hear Something Else, See Something Else but Remember Something Else’: The Interplay of Government’s Failing Promises, Environmental Injustice, Militancy in Niger Delta
  • Vanessa Tautter (University of Brighton): Regressive Memories and the Future? Loyalist Imaginaries and their Implications for Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland
  • Antony Kalashnikov (NRU Higher School of Economics-University of Alberta): Stalinism and the ‘Immortalization of Memory’ Program
  • Nela Milic (London College of Communication): Sarajevo Ruins as Backdrops in Approaches to Memory
  • Deniz Günce Demirhisar (Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales / Institut français d'étudesAnatoliennes): Memory and Political Imaginaries of Left-wing Movements in Turkey

Lunch and coffee break (13:30-14:00)


Roundtable 3:Memories and Their Political Implications(14:00 -15:30)

  • Zanan Akin (University of Hagen): Culture of Remembrance: Repetition as a Wayof Forgetting?
  • Vitor De Sousa (Universidade do Minho):Memory as an Interculturality Booster in Maputo Through the Preservation of the Colonial Statuary
  • Andjela Pepić (University of Banja Luka):Imagining Work: Workers After Privatization
  • Olusegun Stephen Titus (Obafemi Awolowo University):Sounding the Memory of Environmental Degradation Spaces in Niger Delta Nigeria
  • Maria Sokolova (University of Ljubljana):Home Museums and Contemporary Private Practices of Memory Making: From Inadvertent to Amateur Curatorship

Wrap-up session (15:30 -16:00)


The conference is organized by Cultural Memory Studies Research Area, and supported by the International Graduate Centre for the Study of 
Culture (GCSC), Justus Liebig University Giessen and Stiftung Zeitlehren.

In case you want to inquire further about the conference, contact Katrin Antweiler () or Zoran Vučkovac ().