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Information Day 2022-2023

On December 21st, 2022, the GCSC will host a Digital Information Day for all students interested in completing a PhD with an interdisciplinary focus on the Study of Culture. The events of the Information Day cater especially to those who are planning to apply for one of the GCSC’s currently advertised scholarships and memberships or for one of the IPP's memberships.


The programme of the GCSC Digital Information Day mostly consists of synchronous virtual meetings via BigBlueButton that are designed to inform participants of the GCSC, the study programme, and the application processes at the GCSC and IPP. As a special feature this year, the GCSC is especially pleased to inform international prospects about the additional funding scheme made available by the DAAD’s Graduate School Scholarship programme (GSSP). Please find more information on BigBlueButton at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these synchronous joint program of December 21, the Information Day also provides a framework for asynchronous participation in individual consultations with professors of Justus Liebig University (JLU). These consultations will be possible in the second and third calendar week of 2023, January 9 to January 20.

In general, on December 21, 2022, Central European Time Zone (CET) applies for all events.


If you are interested in participating at the GCSC Digital Information Day registration is required. You may register until December 19, 5 pm (CET). However, if you are interested in an individual consultation with a professor or a potential supervisor at JLU you have to make this appointment before the Christmas holidays (December 22, 2022 the latest). You will find more information on this here soon.


For registration, please follow this link to our registration form


The programme including the meeting links will be sent to everyone who is registered by December 20th.


BigBlueButton works only in the browser (there is currently no App). Please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox; Microsoft Internet Explorer and older Edge versions are not supported  and functioning in Safari or other browsers cannot be guaranteed.
Browser extensions (e.g. ad blockers) may cause problems, so please deactivate them in case of technical difficulties. 

When, while joining the meeting, you are asked to type in your name, we suggest to enter your real first and last name.
Once the meeting room opens, please make sure to join with your microphone through the icon, so that you can ask questions later on. If a headphone symbol is displayed next to your name instead of a microphone, you have to log out of the meeting and select the microphone icon when joining again. 


Further notes and web-meeting netiquette

  • Please ensure that you are on time for each event. All events are scheduled in the Central European Time Zone (CET).

  • Because it is way nicer to talk to faces rather than names, we kindly ask you to switch on your camera. Should this, however, affect your internet connection, you may, of course, switch it off (and try switching it on again later on).

  • When you are listening, please mute your microphone. Remember to unmute yourself when you would like to speak.


If you have any questions regarding the Infoday, please contact Sandra Engels: sandra.engels


Individual Consultation Hours

As an attendee of the Digital Information Day you have the chance to to arrange an individual consultation with up to two professors or potential supervisors of JLU to talk about your dissertation project. Previous attendees of the GCSC Information Day have always very much appreciated this opportunity.

The individual consultations may be scheduled during the second and third calendar week of 2023, from January 9 to January 20, 2023. You find a list of professors and supervisors who will be available for consultations below. Some professors have indicated that they are only available at a specific date and time, others could, in principle, offer several free slots throughout the week and will let you know about their availability once you have contacted them.

Before you start reaching out, there are a couple of things to pay attention to when you are contacting them:

  • You may contact up to two potential professors/supervisors of JLU for a consultation.

  • You have to contact each professor/supervisor individually until December 22nd, 2022 at the latest.

  • When contacting, please refer to the Information Day by using the subject  "GCSC Information Day - Individuelle Sprechstunde" or in English "GCSC Information Day - Individual Consultation".

  • Please provide the professors/supervisors with some information about yourself, e.g. your previous studies, your dissertation project, etc.

  • In general, the allotted time for a consultation is 20 minutes. Some professors/supervisors might suggest to talk a bit longer.

  • The session itself will be conducted either via telephone or via a webroom like BigBlueButton, for instance. This is up to the professors’/supervisors’ preferences.

List of professors/supervisors available for individual consultation hours

Name Field of Research Email Address Languages
Dr. habl. Michael Basseler Anglistics English / German  
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ansgar Nünning Anglistics Contact through Sandra.Engels English / German

January 11, from 12 pm: online option

January 12, 11 am -12 pm: in person option

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Schnurr Art Didactics / Kunstdidaktik English / German  
Prof. Dr. Claudia Hattendorff Art History Claudia.Hattendorff  English / German January 17, 2 - 5 pm
Prof. Dr. Sigrid Ruby Art History English / German  
Thomas Gloning German Studies / Germanistik German  
Prof. Dr. Anja Voeste German Studies / Germanistik German  
Prof. Dr. Cora Dietl German Studies / Germanistik German January 9
12 - 2 pm: in person
2 - 4 pm: online
Prof. Dr. Katrin Lehnen German Studies / Germanistik German  
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lenger History English / German  
Prof. Dr. Horst Carl History (Early Modern Era) English / German  
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bohn History (Eastern European History) English / German  
Prof. Dr. Christine Reinle History (Middle Ages) English / German  
Prof. Dr. Bettina Brockmeyer History (Modern History) English / German  
Prorf. Dr. Annette Simonis Literary Studies  Annette.Simonis English / German   

Prof. Dr. Kirsten v Hagen

Romance Studies / Romanistik English / German  

Prof. Dr. Falk Seiler

Romance Studies / Romanistik Falk.Seiler German, French, Spanish, Italian  
Prof. Dr. Jörn Ahrens Sociology / Cultural Sociology Joern.Ahrens English / German  
Prof. Dr. Andreas Langenohl Sociology English / German January 9, 9 am - 12 pm
January 11, 1 - 4 pm