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Keynote Lecture Series - Video Archive

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Video Archive (by name)


Rolf Goebel
Auditory Atmospheres: Music, Media Technologies, and Literary Representation (12.01.2021)


Hideaki Fujiki
Ecological Reality as Contesting Global Imaginations: Documentary on Radioactive Waste (16.02.2021)


Martin Eve
Publishing, Power, and Praxis. Open Access and the Humanities (20.04.21)


Erik Born
The Digital University: Switches, Binaries, Polarizations (25.05.2021)


Dorothee Birke
Booktube and co.: An Introduction to Reading Culture on Social Media (01.06.2021)


Astrid Ensslin
Literary Gaming: Digital Culture Between Narrative Play and Electronic Literature (16.11.2021)
Maura Spiegel
Narrative Medicine at Work: Giving and Receiving Accounts of Self (24.11.2020)
Richard Walsh
Complexity and Contingency in Narrative Cognition and Semiosis (15.12.2020)


Leigh York
Transmedia Contact Zones: Episodes from the Page to the Screen (14.05.2019)


Tim Cresswell
Space, Place and the Humanities: The Emergence of GeoHumanities (16.01.2018)


Frans Willem Korsten
Empathy and Violence: The Chiasma of Politics and Law (17.04.2018)
Randall Halle
Framework for a Critical European Culture Studies (15.05.2018)
Tanvi Solanki
Cultural Acoustics: Sound Studies and the Study of Culture (12.06.2018)
Anne Waldschmidt
The Cultural Model of Dis/ability as an Analytical Tool. Key Assumptions, Strengths, and Weaknesses (13.11.2018)


Vanessa Andreotti
The Enduring Educational Challenges of Setting Horizons of Hope Beyond Modern-Colonial Imaginaries (04.12.2018)
Harry Lehmann
Conceptual Art and Music. Conceptualism as a Hot Contact Zone of the Arts (11.12.2018)


Sophie Ratcliffe
Reading Well. The Trials of Bibliotherapy and the Hospital Library as Contact Zone (18.12.2018)
Rhoda Reddock
Victimhood Discourses in Postcolonial Multiethnic Societies (25.04.2017)
Aaron Kamugisha
Sylvia Wynter’s Black Metamorphosis and the Emergence of African Diaspora Studies in the Caribbean (09.05.2017)


Jonathan David Katz
How AIDS Changed American Culture (06.06.2017)
Mark McGurl
Being and Time-Management: Fictions of Opportunity Cost in the Long Age of Amazon (20.06.2017)
Diana Hummel
Social Ecology as Transdisciplinary Science of Societal Relations to Nature (12.12.2017)
Erik Born
In Praise of Infrastructure (27.06.2017)
Stefan Iversen
Strange Narratives in Rhetorical Discourse (11.11.2017)
Veronika Zink
Post/Doc Perspectives: The Nano-Politics of Affect (26.04.2016)


Claire Kramsch
The Future of "Culture" in Applied Linguistics (17.05.2016)


Peter Gilgen
Literature and the Post-Humanist Turn (07.06.2016)
Astrid Erll
New Directions and Challenges in Cultural Memory Studies: Past, Present, Future (14.06.2016)
Philipp Schulte
Post/Doc Perspectives: Against Functionalization. On Artistic Research (28.06.2016)


Birgit Neumann
Pushing Narrative to its Limits: Ekphrasis and Visuality in Teju Cole's Fiction (05.07.2016)
Helen Atawube Yitah
Now Upon a Time: How African Folktales Speak to the Present and Beyond (06.12.2016)
Stuart Elden
Terrain – the Materiality of Territory (13.12.2016)
Tom Holert
Travelling the Image. On Navigation as a Paradigm of Digital Visual Cultures (01.02.2017)
Chriss Hann
Religion, Collective Identity and the Public Sphere After Socialism (21.01.2015)


Kader Konuk
German-Jewish Humanists in Turkish Exile (30.06.2015)
Helga Mitterbauer
Figurations of Migration (09.06.2015)
Encarnación Gutiérrez-Rodríguez
Archipelago Europe: On Creolizing Conviviality (26.05.2015)
Friederike Eigler
Flight, Expulsion and Forced Migration (17.07.2015)
Ewa Domanska
New Animism and Alter-Native Modernities (20.10.2015)


Irene Kacandes
Future Perfect or New Europeans (24.11.2015)
Daniel Weidner
Culture and the Afterlife of Religion: Concepts of Secularization Today (21.01.2016)


Wulf Kansteiner
Nazi Crimes, (West) German Television, and the Visual Construction of Historical Guilt and Innocence (26.01.2016)
Claudia Mareis
Systematic Problem Solving: Creativity and Ideation Techniques in the Post-War Era (02.02.2016)
Claus Leggewie
Climate Change is a REAL Crisis. A gentle reminder for social constructivists (13.05.2014)
Mitchell Ash
Science and Politics in the 20th Century: Crises and Continuity in Times of Political Upheaval (07.05.2014)
Ann Cvetkovich
The Sovereignty of the Senses (20.05.2014)
Sven Trakulhun
Asian Revolutions: European Conceptions of Political Crisis and Historical Change in the Orient, 1650-1830 (24.06.2014)
Fred Turner
Curating Culture: How to Communicate “The Whole Earth“, Lecture & Open Forum (11.06.2014)
Michael Herzfeld
Crypto-Colonialism, Corruption, and the Creation of Crisis in Greece (20.06.2014)
Brían Hanrahan
The Coming of the Dial: Crisis Historiography and Network Visualization (08.07.2014)
Jessica Pressman
Bookishness: The Afterlife of the Book in Digital Literary Culture (11.11.2014)
Andreas Witt
Standardisierte Textaufbereitung für die Geisteswissenschaften (16.12.2014)