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IPP KNL | Dr. Natalka Bekhta (University of Helsinki): "Narratology and the Current Theories of World Literature: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue"

IPP 20th Anniversary Keynote Lecture Series


Jul 13, 2022 from 02:00 to 04:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


GCSC (MFR) & Online

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This talk will link recent world-literary theories with theoretical apparatuses of contemporary narratology. Narratology is proficient at describing and analysing individual fictional and non-fictional narratives as well as offering generalized models of narrative as a symbolic form across periods and cultures. World literature, variously understood as a global variety of literary studies, as the texts of the world or as the world of literature itself (Habjan 2019), has ambitious aims of comparative description and analysis of literary forms and their mutations across time and space. Moving beyond the typical opposition of close and distant reading methods, this talk will argue that bridging narratology and world literature will prove beneficial for both fields.


Habjan, Jernej. (2019). "The global process of thinking global literature: from Marx's Weltliteratur to Sarkozy's littérature-monde". Journal of Global History, No. 19, pp. 395-412.


// Dr. Natalya Bekhta is a core fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (Finland) where she works on a book project called "After Utopia: Menippean Satire and Critical Irrealism on the Semi-periphery of Europe". Her recent publications include a monograph on We-Narratives: Collective Storytelling in Contemporary Fiction (OSUP 2020) and a special issue on "We-narratives and We-discourses Across Genres" (Style 54.1, 2020).





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