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RA 9 Meeting | Ecology and the Study of Culture


Oct 24, 2022 from 03:00 to 06:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


GCSC (SR 109) & Online (BBB)

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Welcome current and new members! The first RA9 meeting of the Winter 2022-23 semester will be split into two parts. In the first hour, we will discuss our academic focus, past and present activities, and have an open dialogue about future plans. We will then have a break, followed by a reading group session, where we will exchange our thoughts, ideas, and overall impressions of three articles, in preparation for Prof. Timo Maran's Keynote lecture and masterclass on October 25 and 26. Current members will lead this conversation by summarizing each paper before inviting others to contribute. 
3-4pm - Introduction to RA9
4-4:30pm - BREAK
4:30 - 6pm - Reading Group Session 

To attend the meeting online via BBB please click here

Texts to read:
Augustyn, Prisca 2013. Man, nature, and semiotic modelling or How to create forests and backyards with language. Sign Systems Studies 41(4), 488–503.
Maran, Timo 2020. The ecosemiosphere is a grounded semiosphere. A Lotmanian conceptualization of cultural-ecological systems. Biosemiotics 14, 519–530.
Whitehouse, Andrew 2015. Listening to birds in the Anthropocene: the anxious semiotics of sound in a human-dominated world. Environmental Humanities 6, 53-71.  

For more information on Prof. Timo Maran's Keynote lecture on October 25, "Ecosemiotics of the Anthropocene: How to reground culture in ecosystem?," please follow this link

For more information on Prof. Timo Maran's Masterclass on October 26, “Masterclass on ecosemiotics: Conceptual toolbox for reconnecting culture and ecosystem,” please follow this link.

To join the meeting and for further information, please contact Fabricio Belsoff ( or Candace Goodrich (