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IPP MC: Environmental Humanities: Natural History and Literatures in English


Jun 03, 2024 from 02:00 to 06:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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This Masterclass will take an innovative and interactive format with two parts. In the first part, Dr Clara Dawson and other researchers (from JLU and other universities) in the environmental humanities will present ‘lightning’ papers on different aspects of the Environmental Humanities and how its methods apply to their research. Dr Dawson will then provide responses to 'lightning papers', drawing them together into a more general discussion of the issues raised, and broadening to a Q&A with other attendees. The second part of the Masterclass will include a group reading and discussion of several ‘texts’ (both literary and material) pertaining to the environment and the natural history, which will be provided and contextualised by Dr Dawson. Overall, the Masterclass promises to be an enriching experience for anyone interested in new developments in the Environmental Humanities, as well as an opportunity for those early career researchers pursuing this area to engage in knowledge-transfer and networking with other researchers across this exciting field. It is also an excellent opportunity for advanced BA and MA students in literary studies to learn about the Environmental Humanities, and to engage with leading scholars in the field.


The line up for "lightning papers" so far includes: Clara Dawson (Manchester), Deborah de Muijnck (Giessen), Dorothea Sawon (Giessen), Oliver Voelker (Frankfurt), Fabricio Belsoff (Giessen), with more to come!

// Dr. Clara Dawson (University of Manchester)

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