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Doctoral Scholarships

The GCSC grants up to 6 scholarships and up to 20 additional memberships each year. The scholarships are initially granted for one year, with the option of two one-year extensions. The scholarship amounts to €1,468.00 per month; parents receive a child allowance. Members can apply for financial support for research trips and events. In 2023 and 2024, after a successful application to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the GCSC is able to provide international PhD students with up to two further scholarships funded by the DAAD’s Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP).


Doctoral students looking for an excellent research environment will find optimal PhD conditions and comprehensive support at the GCSC. They are accompanied by a primary supervisor at JLU. The second supervisor can also be an external (international) professor.
The GCSC particularly welcomes applications from students who:

  • graduated with excellent marks from two-year research-track master’s programmes in the humanities or social sciences, and;
  • propose a research project of outstanding academic quality which contributes substantially to one or more of our research areas.

Scholarship holders and members are required to participate in the study and course programme as well as in the wide range of other events offered by the GCSC. Scholarship holders are also expected to initiate, coordinate and document cooperative research projects (such as conferences and publications).

Enrolment at the Justus Liebig University is compulsory for all doctoral students; there are no tuition fees at the University of Giessen, only a semester fee of currently around €300.00 per semester. Furthermore, scholarship holders and members are expected to have their main residence in Gießen or the immediate surroundings. 

The scholarship announcement is made annually in November; the funding period always begins with the following winter semester (starting October).


The application procedure comprises two stages. After reviewing all complete applications, the selection committee invites the most promising applicants to a 30-minute interview. On this basis, a decision is made on the awarding of the scholarships and memberships.


Scholarship Advice

Beyond the directly awarded scholarships, the GCSC also offers its doctoral students professional scholarship advice to help you find funding opportunities for your doctoral project.

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