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What exactly is the "GGK," and for whom is it intended?

The GGK/International Graduate Centre for Humanities is a pivotal part of Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) founded with the goal of improving the education of doctoral researchers in the area of cultural studies.

The GGK assists doctoral researchers enrolled in JLU's three areas of cultural studies specialization (Social Sciences and Cultural Studies; History and Cultural Studies; Language, Literature, Culture) by carrying out selected events and concrete projects within the framework of the thematically organized sections and working groups .

How and when can I reach the GGK?


Phone: 0641-99-30041
Fax: 0641-99-30049

Our administrative office is located across from the university library on the campus of Philosophikum I.

How do I decide if doing a doctorate is the right choice for me?

We can advise you on various aspects of your (prospective) doctoral studies in an individual consultation. You can make an appointment with us using the official GGK email address – – or click on the link for " PhD Consultation Hours ."

Are there opportunities for financial aid? How do I procure a grant, for example?

The GGK itself does not award grants, but we will be glad to advise you about various funding opportunities . If you are enrolled as a doctoral researcher in Faculty 03, 04, or 05 and are seeking specific information on an advanced stage of the research or application process, please don't hesitate to make an appointment for a PhD consultation hour .