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The IPP follows the guidelines and statutes of the JLU. Note that the statutes for doctoral programmes at the JLU are currently under revision, as they are being adapted to new modular curricula and to international requirements and are thus subject to change.

What are the entry requirements for undertaking postgraduate studies at the IPP / JLU?

PhD candidates must have an M.A. or equivalent university degree with a grade well above average and in a field relevant to the dissertation. The degree should meet the international equivalence requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact the IPP team for further information on the equivalence of your degree.

If the dissertation is to be undertaken in a discipline other than that of your university degree, your qualifications need to fulfil the conditions of equivalence as stated in the statutes for doctoral programmes at the JLU. The membership in the IPP requires enrolment at the JLU for the entire period of your doctoral studies (enrolment fee: approximately €270 per semester).

If I would like to apply for membership, is it possible to apply first and enrol at Justus Liebig University later?

Yes, it is possible to apply first and enrol at the JLU later. If you are accepted into the IPP, you will first have to register as a doctoral researcher at the JLU with the PhD Committee (Academic Examination Office) and enrol at the JLU later. The enrolment fee is about €270 per semester. Find further steps and downloads for enrolment here.

Is there an age limit for participants?

No. Applicants’ 'academic age' (not their biological age) will be considered in the selection process. Thus, any interruption in research activity due to, for example, family responsibilities or child care will be taken into account when evaluating a candidate’s suitability for the programme.