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Supervision & Mentoring

The PhDnet’s supervision concept involves both individual supervision by two professors as well as peer-group coaching.

Additionally, postdocs offer advice and support to doctoral researchers:
  • Primary and secondary supervisors at JLU and the respective partner institutions ensure that individual and expert advice is provided to our doctoral researchers at all stages of their research projects.
  • In addition to lecturers, experienced GGK/GCSC postdocs take on mentoring and tutoring responsibilities.
  • The PhDnet’s coordinator, too, is involved in advising and mentoring doctoral researchers with respect to practical and organisational aspects. Furthermore, the coordinator offers tailored and individualised support with funding applications. Additionally, the coordinator conducts semi-annual feedback sessions, during which the doctoral researchers are encouraged to reflect on their own progress and are invited to give critical feedback on the seminars and supervision concepts offered through PhDnet. The coordinator thus acts as a mediator between doctoral researchers and their German as well as foreign supervisors.
  • In order to secure extracurricular support, each foreign doctoral researcher is allocated a Giessen doctoral researcher to facilitate integration into the German academic system. Mutual support among doctoral researchers is also fostered through peer-group coaching which is initiated and encouraged in colloquia and working groups.
  • Workshops on academic writing and presentations tailored to the specific requirements of (international) doctoral researchers, along with core and intermediate courses, offer methodological and organisational support and facilitate their integration into the German academic sector and jargon.
  • Additionally, all participating lecturers offer methodological and professional advice to doctoral researchers.