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Call for reviews - Be the next reviewer for KULT_online!

Are you interested in reviewing recent publications within the study of culture? Then (re-)join the team of authors for KULT_online, the interdisciplinary Open Access review journal of the GCSC/GGK. There are three ways to become an author:


  1. There are available review copies ready to be picked up at the GCSC. See the list below and let us know if there is any title of interest for you.
  2. Review any recent publication (2020–2022) within the study of culture. Just get in touch with your suggestion and if it fits the journal's scope, we will request a review copy for you from the publisher.
  3. KULT_online publishes all sorts of event reports – a very good opportunity to inform your peers about an interesting conference, workshop, summer school, etc.


Your review/report will be published in one of the next issues of KULT_online – a great chance to extend your list of publications. For further information, please have a look at our submission guidelines.



Available Review Copies:


Augart, Isabella; Kunze, Sophia; Stumpf, Teresa (Hg.): Im Dazwischen. Materielle und soziale Räume des Übergangs. Berlin: Reimer, 2020.


Bochow, Astrid: Risiko und HIV / Aids in Botswana. Kleben in der Pandemie. Berlin: Reimer, 2020.


Schober, Anna (ed.): Popularisation and Populism in the Visual Arts: Attraction Images. New York: Routledge, 2020.


Jürgen Erfurt: Transkulturalität - Prozesse und Perspektiven, Stuttgart: UTB, 2021.


Nevena Stamenkovic, Ksenia Maksimovtsova, Tom Clucas: Multilingualism as a Concept for the Study of Culture, WVT Trier, 2021.


Alena Heinritz: Postkommunistische Schreibweisen, Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Heidelberg, 2021.


Lisa Beißwanger: Performance on Display: Zur Geschichte lebendiger Kunst im Museum, Berlin: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2021.