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Out now: On_Culture Issue 16 (Spring 2024): Ways of Reading

We are very excited to announce the publication of On_Culture's 16th issue entitled “Ways of Reading.” Issue 16 delves into diverse ways of reading by exploring its represenation in literary texts, political reading, reading as an academic but also a deeply personal practice, as well as different theories of reading.

The issue’s _Articles conceptualize reading as a hermeneutical posture geared towards the representation of distance in contemporary novels of migration (Adinolfi) and analyze the intricate relationship between reading and care that emerges when these two concepts are considered in relation to each other (Hinders). Two other _Articles propose new ways to approach political reading by engaging with the fields of reading theory, praxeology, multimodality and political communication (Kuhn), including an engagement with tactics and strategies of reading as well as non-reading practices, and how these implicate knowledge production (Künzler).

The _Essays contributions analyze the construction of media-critical discourses on the psychological and physiological impact of “digital reading” on humans (Düwell), present a personal account of collected reading experiences spanning nearly seven decades (Gilbert), and explore the discourse of reading with special interest in its tropes, problems, and ways of expression (Kreuzmair).

Three _Perspectives complete the issue by featuring an insightful interview that reflects on the challenge of bringing literature and reading into the museum (Hinders), along with an examination of reading as a social, material, bodily, and affective practice (RUSTlab), and a part-playful, part-earnest experimental autofiction in which the author’s alter ego takes the reader on a meandering journey through history and the literary archive (Lee-Price).

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In addition, a new _Perspective picks up the conversation of issue 15 on “Present Futures” through an analysis of of prototypes as a materialized means to explore potential sociotechnical futures (Matzner, Thiel-Woznica, Tost, Weller).

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