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Out Now: On_Culture Issue 13 (Summer 2022): In_Visibilities

We are very excited to announce the publication of On_Culture's 13th issue entitled “In_Visibilities.” Issue 13 offers a nuanced and stimulating interdisciplinary exploration of the complex topic of “In_Visibilities.” Guest editors Jana Tiborra and Katharina Wolf have collected contributions that engage with the ambivalences of visual representation through the concept of in_visibilities. 

By using the underscore in the orthography of in_visibilities, this issue creates a space for ambiguities and highlights the processual continuum between the two concepts of visibility and invisibility. All of the thirteen contributions address manifold aspects of in_visibilities and emphasize interstices as well as in-betweenness. They critically engage with hegemonic structures manifested and materialized in visual culture and discuss their powerful impacts, but also their contestability, competitiveness and thus, transformability.

The issue’s _Articles explore in_visibilties in forms of seeing and being looked at in feminist art (Nowaczek), in postcolonial ambivalences of making cultural identities visible (Ba), in minoritarian approaches to espionage and hegemony-critical uses of intelligence (Stuckey), and in the potential of artistic practices to subvert hegemonic regimes of in_visibility (Chachali, Santos Rodriquez and Griffiths).

The _Essay contributions feature a feminist perspective on shifts in gender politics and representations in visual culture due to social media (Woodward) and the critical impact of social bots in the digital age (Reichert).

Five _Perspectives complete this issue and reflect on case studies of digital protest and the role and interaction of online users (Schubert), as well as on the connections of in_visibilities with processes of knowledge formations (Pregitzer, Bakshi, Linebaugh, Püttmann and Effert).

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