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Out Now: On_Culture Issue 14 (Winter 2022): Codes: Power and Subversion

We are very excited to announce the publication of On_Culture's 14th issue entitled “Codes: Power and Subversion.” Issue 14 is looking at the intersections, entanglements and overlaps of the workings of cultural and social codes with codes of the digital realm, and presents a collection of contributions that engage with the notion of codes, their power and potential for subversion.

The issue’s _articles explore the potential of selfies to function as powerful tools to challenge and disrupt oppressive codes of subjectivity (Hill), the entanglement between technological and discursive embodiment of code through a close reading of the Norwegian police's tweets (Flinterud), and the visual codes in multicultural emojis (Heidari).

The _perspective contribution of this issue reflects on the affective dimensions of the scientific process of coding within Grounded Theory (Halatcheva-Trapp).

Read the entire issue here:

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