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Concepts for the Study of Culture (CSC) is the GCSC's latest print publication series published in cooperation with De Gruyter. It embraces the desideratum for theoretical and methodological innovation, its comprehensive analysis, and potential and perspectives for the study of culture.

The series addresses key contemporary concepts and methods along with substantive issues from the realm of basic research in cultural studies. Its objective is to help shape contemporary discourse about cultural studies and at the same time to enrich this discourse for work in its specific disciplines by developing key interdisciplinary concepts and by establishing a tradition of scholarship that is transcultural in nature.

The volumes primarily contain contributions from the fields of literary studies, history, and cultural studies, but also include the political sciences, sociology, and media studies.

Series Editors:

Doris Bachmann-Medick, Horst Carl, Wolfgang Hallet, Ansgar Nünning

Editorial Board:

Mieke Bal, Hartmut Böhme, Sebastian Conrad, Vita Fortunati, Isabel Gil, Lawrence Grossberg, Richard Grusin, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Ursula Heise, Claus Leggewie, Helmut Lethen, Christina Lutter, Andreas Reckwitz,
Frederik Tygstrup and Barbie Zelizer

More information at De Gruyter's homepage .

Publications in this Series