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Emerging Topic Research Group Migration: Intellectual Picnic

The Emerging Topic Research Group Migration invites to an Intellectual Picnic, where we are going to discuss the current political dimensions of migration within the EU. Feel free, to bring material (text, video, pictures) that you'd like to share.


Dec 16, 2015 from 01:00 to 04:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)

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For our next event, an “intellectual picnic”, we will focus on the question of how to rethink the political in turbulent times of “welcoming culture” and new attempts to restrict the access of refugees to Europe.  We are meeting on Wednesday, 16th of December, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., room (tba)


This meeting will be held in the format of a self-organized workshop. Our aim will be to exchange our immediate views, analysis and thoughts regarding the summer of  “refugees welcome” in Germany and the current debates on re-establishing national border within the EU Schengen zone. We would like to look at the impact these events have on us, personally, politically and intellectually. The idea is to depart from the point of departure that “we don’t know what is happening”. Departing from here, we hope to create an open space for collective reflection, from where topics will emerge for future work.  In order to facilitate this conversation, we propose to work with workshop instructions created by Ultra Red.  


  1. Bring two objects, related to your research or just to the question you would like to raise. These objects can be soundwalk-recordings, photographs, films or film clips of max. 3 minutes, regular or exceptional material objects, poems, extracts of literary texts, interviews or talks, maps, paintings, performance or other kind of objects relevant to the question of the workshop.
  2. Present them and ask: What do you see or hear?
  3. Write down the answers
  4. Go on with the next contribution in the same way
  5. After the presentation of all objects, explain (5 Min.) why you have chosen these objects, why and how they contribute to the topic


Everybody is invited, but not forced to bring these objects. We welcome other research groups members and invite them to participate.