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Empirical Social Research (Section 4)

Understanding social and cultural phenomena is an exciting and, at the same time, demanding endeavor. The section provides a forum for all doctoral students in the cultural and social studies who work with or are interested in empirical research methods.

It pursues several goals:

  • Methodological qualification of doctoral students
  • Comprehension and estimation of methodological issues and developments
  • Broadening of the individual analytical perspectives
  • Reflexivity of the own research during all stages of the process
  • Exchange and networking

In order to achieve these goals, the section treads various paths. The spectrum of activities covers, among others:

  • Organization of workshops and lectures
  • Reading and discussing relevant literature
  • Interpretation of data from own research in small groups
  • Joint participation in external events
  • Exchange via internal mailing list

When required, the section cooperates with individuals or institutions inside and outside the JLU. The concrete structuring of activities is oriented toward the participants' interests and needs.

Currently, one focus of the section is on a methodologically interested re-reading of several 'classics' of empirical social research (including  Thomas/Znaniecki; Malinowski; Bühler; Jahoda/Lazarsfeld/Zeisel; Whyte; Glaser/Strauss). As a parallel track, interpretation meetings in small groups take place as required.

Main methodical areas of the currently involved researchers cover biographical research, situational analysis, ethnography, discourse analysis, grounded theory, and narrative analysis.


All doctoral students are warmly welcome to actively participate!


Meeting times:

Upcoming meeting times will be announced accordingly.

All doctoral students interested in empirical social research are welcome to take part!


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