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Literary and Cultural Theory (Section 2)

Gender studies, postcolonial studies, intersectionality theories.

The section "Theories of Literatures and Cultures" engages in literary and cultural discourses from a global perspective. We are focusing on narratives that explore the inter- and transnational dimension of storytelling and the questions arising from matters of cultural contact. In the context of our projects, we deal with these issues applying a variety of approaches: from translation and migration studies, comparative literature and postcolonial theory to intersectionality, narratology and gender studies. Avoiding monolithic conceptualisations of literature and culture, our scope of investigation includes non-canonical texts coming from e.g. Europe, Australia and Canada.

We welcome people who are working in the previously mentioned and related fields. We invite everybody interested in actively exchanging points of view on intercultural matters and contribute ideas from their own projects to our discussions.


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