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Section 5: (Inter-)Mediality – Dramaturgy – Performativity

Productions in (new) media, media history, and theory.

Section 5 systematically examines the concept group "(Inter-)Mediality – Dramaturgy – Performativity" for its various historical and reception-aesthetic dimensions, ultimately producing a collaborative critical analysis.

Participants hale from romance languages, English, German, film and theatre studies, and philosophy (through a partnership with the Darmstadt post-graduate programme for technology and society and Dr. Andreas Hetzel). We believe that the little-examined dynamic between these terms and their theories of origin can produce a collective reflecting on the methodological foundation of each participant's research. That said, the section does not aim to prescribe one overarching concept, or even to attempt pinning one down; rather, using theory as our guide to exploring these related ideas, we aim to hone the methods of each project within its own disciplinary grounding, and then proffer them for new uses and/or extend their application within cultural-studies lines of inquiry.

We also hope to open the prevailingly text-centric, literary-analytical approaches to the system of reception, and to the discussion of other, related interdisciplinary keywords, such as medium, inscenation, mimesis, authenticity, self-referentiality, spectacle, and framework.


Section leader:

  • Philipp Schulte